Words That Change Minds

The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence


Shelle Rose Charvet

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Content Structure

Motivation Patterns

  • Level: Proactive vs Reactive
  • Criteria: Hot Buttons
  • Direction: Toward vs Away From
  • Source: Internal vs External
  • Reason: Options vs Procedures
  • Decision Factors: Sameness vs Sameness with  Exception vs Difference

Productivity Patterns

  • Scope: Specific vs General
  • Attention Direction: Self vs Other
  • Stress Response: Feeling vs Choice vs Thinking
  • Style: Independent vs Proximity vs Cooperative
  • Organisation Person vs Thing
  • Rule Structure: My/My vs My/. vs No/My vs My/Your
  • Convincer Channel
  • Convincer Mode: Number of Examples vs Automatic vs Consistent