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Neville Medhora

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Nobody cares about you.
They only care about themselves.

All about them

  • When people come to something new, they immediately assess if it's USEFUL to them.
  • Grab people attention by implying what it can do for them.

Let the people know
what benefit they're gonna get

  • Title examples:
  1. How to avoid getting stretch marks
  2. Three ways to increase email opt-ins
  3. Why the Tyrannosaurus Rex has such short arms

Casual copy

  • Pretend you're having dinner with your friend
  • Explain to him, in your own words, why what you're selling is so amazing.

No fuzz

  • "Is this adding to the users’ knowledge?"
  • "Am I helping them get through this by adding this in?"

Grab attention with
New, Novel, or Helpful

AIDA: Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

  • Get Attention
  • Capture Interest
  1. tell them interesting facts and interesting things the product can do
  • Make them Desire
  1. Show them what life could be this.
  2. Tell them how much faster a problem would be solved with this.
  3. Show them how someone's life was greatly improved by it, and how they can have the same results.
  • Make them take Action
  1. Describe how to do that action
  2. tell them what will happen after they do it
  3. Hold them by the hand and describe how everything will work

Headline formula:
[End result customer wants]
+ [Specific time period]
+ [Address the objections]

Subject Lines

  • Headline formula:
  1. [Triple the conversions on your e-commerce store] [in 3 days] [or I'll refund your money]
  2. [Wipe away your debt] [before your tax return is due] [so the IRS won't call]
  • Three lenses for headlines
  1. Competitive - How to beat others
    “86% Faster than regular WordPress... means more page-views and better SEO”
  2. Benefit Driven
    "My site loads ridiculously fast, my page-views are up, and my business is seeing the results"
  3. Inspirational - Shows that "even you" can do something
    “Even non-computer nerds can have a WordPress site, with zero technical hassle”

Short vs Long copy

  • if it's a difficult or expensive product -> longer is better
  • if it's a simple and cheap product -> short is fine
  • "Copy is like a woman's skirt. It should be long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep it interesting"

Keep it simple

  • Inform the reader with the least amount of words.
  • Not to impress them with fancy words.