The Five Most Important Questions

An Inspiring Tool for Organizations and the People Who Lead Them


Peter F. Drucker

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1. What is our mission?

  • What is the current mission?
  • What are our challenges?
  • What are our opportunities?
  • Does the mission need to be revisited?

2. Who is our customer?

  • Determine what customers value
  • Define your results
  • Who must be satisfied for us to achieve results?
  • Who is our primary customer?
  • Who are our supporting customers?
  • How will our customers change?
  • Who do we not serve?

3. What do the customers value?

  • What satisfied their needs, wants, and aspirations
  • What do we believe our primary and supporting customers value?
  • What knowledge do we need to gain from our customers?
  • How will I participate in gaining this knowledge?

4. What are our results?

  • Look at short-term accomplishment and long-term change
  • How do we define results?
  • Are we successful?
  • How should we define results?
  • What must we strengthen or abandon?

5. What is our plan?

  • Should the mission be changed?
  • What are our goals?